DarcMatter in the Press

A Lending Makeover

With DarcMatter, financial advisors are now able to better cater to their clients by having the technological means to access new and …

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DarcMatter Talks About Alternative Investments

Kathleen Hayes invites DarcMatter CEO, Sang Lee to discuss Alternative Investments and how DarcMatter …

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DarcMatter Aims To Shed Light On Alternative Investment Opportunities

Fintech firm DarcMatter may have a mysterious sounding name, but …

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Factors to Consider When Evaluating Alternative Investments

These are the general factors that an investor should take into consideration as they embark on …

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DarcMatter Shines a Light on Alternative Investing

“DarcMatter is one of the first movers in the market to make alternative investments available to investors…”

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TechCrunch Beijing 2016. “DarcMatter Selected as One of Top 15 Startups”

“DarcMatter is one of the first movers in the market to make alternative …”

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Connecting Investors with Funds, DarcMatter is the Amazon of Funds

DarcMatter is a fund aggregation platform that provides a new sales channel for fund managers and …

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72 Startups Demonstrate New Fintech Products

The wealth management industry is well-represented and one early presenter, DarcMatter, showed off …

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